There are two aspects about treating a surface: The first one is the resistance and the second one is the look. Since corrosion always starts at the surface, a treating of the surface always means a protection to corrosion. This is known very well with steel: Steel constructions like a vehicle body are often galvanized, and even more often they are coated – the golden gate bridge in San Francisco has been coated red over and over again due to thermal strain. Probably it is being coated even right now.


Stainless Steel can be treated to raise resistance as well. For example, handrails on boats are often elektrochemically polished to gain a higher resistance to salt water. StainlessFlowers also uses electrochemical polishing, but it is a matter of the look in the first place. Though there are a lot of different stainless steel alloys it is the surface treatment that makes stainless steel look different. All flowers you can see on the photos of this sub-page are made of the same alloy, but the surface was treated differently.

I can offer you different kind of surfaces – on demand my products can be coated, polished, sandblasted or gilded. However, treatment can change the look pretty hard. StainlessFlowers prefers an original look, without hiding the nature of stainless steel.